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Award-winning singer, composer and producer Katie McBride is a builder of worlds. From the realms of experimental, electronic, ambient pop, her music crisscrosses dreamscapes and altered mental states, reaching into subterranean currents for deep truths. Listen with your eyes closed, and it’s easy to imagine yourself treading barefoot through the volcanic landscape of an alien world – calm, eerie, and deep, like the music.

McBride’s biography as an artist began as a trumpeter - picking up the instrument in 5th grade band class and eventually attending Humber College, where she studied jazz and composition. After graduation, she turned to writing and recording music for herself. She soon became obsessed with Ableton, finding it to be an instrument without limitations, and her passion for digital creation bloomed, eventually branching into photography, video, and artwork. Armed with the unquenchable thirst for truth and beauty, McBride began conjuring her own universe. 


Inspired by artists like William Basinski, Björk, Miles Davis, and Aphex Twin, her deep dives began to yield offerings starting with her critically acclaimed EPs 08215 (2016) and World Of Dreams (2018). In 2022 she released her first full length album, As Real As Anything Else, which will be followed by her sophomore album, “THE ANGELS ARE CALLING”, on January 19th, 2024

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